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It's never too late for a great adventure with roller-blade skating or inline hockey !!! Do you want to learn roller skating or already roller skating and would like to raise the bar in improving your skills?

 Healthy sports competition, new friendships, and a dose of positive emotions are guaranteed :)

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General Terms

Castlebar Stingers Ice&Inline Hockey Club

Castlebar Stingers Ice&Inline Hockey Club  (CSIIHC) provides sporting activities and opportunities mainly for children and young people, but also for adults through participation in training sessions, games, and events.

The safeguarding of children in sports is of paramount importance to us. CSIIHC ensures children and young people’s experiences of sport are fun, enjoyable, and conducted in the spirit of fair play.

Everyone regardless of age or circumstance should participate in sports in a safe environment.

Our policies and procedures are designed to implement and adhere to the National Sports Authority (NGB) guidelines on child protection.

The following documents have been developed for this purpose:

Code of Ethics

Safeguarding Statement

Health and Safety Policy

The policies and procedures apply to all of those involved in the Castlebar Stingers Ice&Inline Hockey Club.

1. These regulations (hereinafter referred to as "the Rules") sets out the rules for joining the Castlebar Stingers Ice & Inline Hockey Club

2. The club is managed by a board of directors and its proper functioning is supported by appointed officers.

3.The key to the success of proper and smooth running of the club is leadership, interest, involvement, and participation.

It is necessary for the club, to gain recognition, develop, and run safe, efficient programs.

That is why it is also so important to involve the parents

and volunteers in the life of the team and club, and the proper performance of the duties of sports leaders.

4. Everyone who wants to join the club is required to register with the club as its member.

5. To train with the club in respect of inline hockey, players are covered through club and Inline Hockey Ireland (IHI) for the first 3 training sessions, after that they must register with IHI for ‘Learn To Play’ or as a ‘Player’ if competing in competition with the club in the inline hockey league. The insurance year runs from 1st October - 30th September.

6. To train with the club in respect of ice hockey, players must register with Irish Ice Hockey Association (IIHA) as a ‘Junior Player’. This covers them to train and play in any IIHA-sanctioned games throughout the season.

7. Anyone joining the club as a member are required to read, understand, and comply with these regulations and the following policies and documents:

Code of Ethics, Safeguarding Statement, Health and Safety Policy, Club Constitution

8. Upon registration, consent is required to agree to abide by regulations and policies listed in point 7 of these regulations, as well as consenting to use the image for the club's promotional purposes.

9. Upon registration, consent is required to agree to processing of the personal data for the purposes of participation in the Club's activities and Club membership registration.

10. Each participant / player must have appropriate, complete, and functional equipment appropriate to the training session.

11. Recording of training sessions and sharing of training recordings is strictly prohibited.

12. Regularly check the club's messaging applications and website.

13. The Club declines any responsibility in case of theft or loss of personal effects and gear.

14. No refund of payments will be made during the season unless the participant/player provides a medical certificate stating that their state of health no longer allows them to participate in training sessions for a period of at least 3 consecutive months.


Club Documentation and Policies


Club Forms