Castlebar Stingers 
Ice&Inline Hockey Club

It's never too late for a great adventure with roller-blade skating or inline hockey !!! Do you want to learn roller skating or already roller skating and would like to raise the bar in improving your skills?

 Healthy sports competition, new friendships, and a dose of positive emotions are guaranteed :)

Don't wait and book your first training session !!!

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Recruitment of young hockey players

Castlebar Stingers hockey club is looking for boys and girls to be hockey players. We invite you to visit us. It doesn't matter if your child can't skate.
Under the watchful eye of coaches, we will teach you the basics of roller skating.
Your child will spend time physically active, gain new friends and experience training challenges.
Don't waste an opportunity! Become a Castlebar Stingers hockey player.

When can I come?
In the 'Booking' tab you will find all available training sessions.
Current information about the classes can also be found on our Facebook page, moreover, detailed information about the recruitment can be obtained by calling: 087 788 76 92
What do i need?
When participating in the classes, you must have a helmet (at the beginning it can be a bicycle helmet), wrist, elbow and knee pads and the most important inline skates (do not buy inline skates with plastic wheels). You can rent a helmet, protectors and inline skates from the club. Booking in advance is advisable. Whenever possible, we also try to provide young athletes with hockey equipment.
Who is the class for?
The classes are intended for children from 4 years of age.
None of the Trainers expects the child to have super skating skills, the most important thing is that the child, taking their first steps on skates, gradually masters the skill of skating.

Members can play inline hockey all year long, and ice hockey for juniors during the winter months if an ice rink is available.
From time to time we may organize trips to other skating venues.

Do you want to try it ?     Just come over
Why is it worth starting training ?     Because it would bring you so much fun and enjoyment, you can meet new friends :)
Hockey is a comprehensive sport     Speed, strength, dynamics, technique, and tactical elements
You will not be bored :)