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Ice&Inline Hockey Club

It's never too late for a great adventure with roller-blade skating or inline hockey !!! Do you want to learn roller skating or already roller skating and would like to raise the bar in improving your skills?

 Healthy sports competition, new friendships, and a dose of positive emotions are guaranteed :)

Don't wait and book your first training session !!!

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Our website lets you sign up with the Castlebar Stingers Club.
Below you will find all available training sessions.
You can come to the first trial session and then decide if you want to join us.
Regardless of whether you want to become a hockey player, learn to skate, get in shape, or simply have somewhere to come to keep the kids busy.
We have a Monthly and Pay as you go options available for all participants.
Trail sessions don't need registration as a member.
To PAYG and Monthly options, you have to register as a member of the club.
If you decide to become a club member and have regular training, first register with our club.

How to do it, see how to do it


Appropriate equipment and a bottle of water are required for each training session! If you need inline skates, protectors, or a helmet for your first skating session, please contact us.
 If possible we try to provide also the necessary equipment for the first hockey classes for young players.
In the case of rental, please contact us in advance to have a guarantee of availability and delivery of the equipment for your session.
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Punctuality is of strict importance.
As the duration of each session is one hour, it is vital that all sessions start on time.
In order to enable this, please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the session in order to be changed into the appropriate safety equipment. This is out of respect for the other participants and trainers.

Membership Fee Policy 2023/2024 Season

In order to play and train with the Castlebar Stingers Club you need to register and be a member of:
1. the Castlebar Stingers IIHC

2. the Inline Hockey Ireland (IHI) and/or

3. the Irish Ice Hockey Association (IIHA)

Note: Only the 1st hour Trial Session does not require registration with the club

Castlebar Stingers Club Annual Membership fee is €5 per year for all members; children and adults.

Annual membership runs from 1 September – 31 August.

  • Existing Members: A €5 membership fee per member is due at the start of the season; to be paid with the September training fees.

  • New Members: A €10 registration fee, to include the annual membership, will be added to the first monthly training fee for any new members joining CSIIHC during the season.

The membership/ registration fee subsidises the cost of the services to the club.

Payment of Monthly Training Sessions:

Castlebar Stingers’ monthly club training fees are collected via Bank Transfer. This is the club's preferred method of payment.

Please Note: Cash and Card payment are accepted (may include up to 3% additional transaction fees on card payments)

The Club runs ‘Learn-to-Play’ and ‘Learn-to-Skate’ group sessions.

Learn to Skate training is catered for Junior members and Adults

Learn To Play or League Players training is catered for Junior members only.

Fees for training sessions are due at the beginning of each calendar month.

There is a family member discount available – please contact CSIIHC to discuss options available.

New Members:

Newly registered members can avail of equipment rental, when available, from CSIIHC for the up to 4 weeks. It is expected that members will invest in their own equipment after this time. CSIIHC will advise and support new members on what equipment is required for skating and where to purchase it.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:

The club operates a no refund policyexcept in exceptional circumstances as decided by the club committee.

A request to cancel or pause membership is to be made in writing to:

at least one calendar month in advance of the cancellation/ pause coming into effect.

Any fees outstanding in that calendar month will still be collected by the club. The player will be free to continue training with the club to the end of the calendar month.

The policy is subject to review and possible changes at the start of each new season.

Plans and Pricing

1 Hour Trial Session - €5
(skate equipment provided)

Junior 4-15 Years

Adults (training is for those 14 Year+)

1 Hour PAYG - €12
(only available to Learn to Skate Groups)

Junior 4-15 Years

Adults (training is for those 14 Year+)  

4 Hours Learn to Skate - €40

Junior 4-15 Years

Adults (training is for those 14 Year+)

8 Hours - Learn to Play Inline Hockey - €65

Junior 4-15 Years

If You above age of 15 and want to start hockey please contact us.

8 Hours - Inline Hockey League Players Training - €65

Junior 9-15 Years   


We are in the process of setting up an option to enable payment online.

However the only trainings you will able buy on our website are Trial and PAYG.
These can also be paid in cash at each training session.

All monthly options are available just through the link after registering with the club.

Fees for the monthly training sessions (membership) can be transferred to club's bank account:
Credit Union or Revolut (Revolut account is a business account. Payment can only be transferred using the IBAN).

As the payment reference, please enter the name of the training, followed by the participant's full name.

Payments for training sessions can be made to either of the following Club bank accounts:
Castlebar Stingers Ice&Inline Hockey Club
Revolut Bank UAB
Castlebar Stingers Ice&Inline Hockey Club
First Choice Credit Union