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It's never too late for a great adventure with roller-blade skating or inline hockey !!! Do you want to learn roller skating or already roller skating and would like to raise the bar in improving your skills?

 Healthy sports competition, new friendships, and a dose of positive emotions are guaranteed :)

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Fancy becoming a top skater?

Well, now you can with Castlebar Stingers Ice & Inline Hockey Club. Castlebar Stingers is a place for everyone.
We conduct inline skating classes for children, teenagers, and adults.
We train in a friendly atmosphere.
Our activities for children follow the idea of ​​"teaching while having fun, having fun while teaching", where exercises are disguised as fun.Both children and adults can skate.
It is a sport with many advantages.
It has a positive effect on our health and well-being.
Make friends with inline skates and see what benefits they can offer you!


Benefits of Rollerblading

1. A safe and fun sport for everyone.
Inline skating is characterized by a minimum number of contraindications and has no age restrictions.
This pleasure can be used by children (from 4-5 years of age), adults and seniors.
Interestingly, inline skates are an ideal alternative for people who should not run, because they do not burden the joints as much as running.
You should always remember about knee and elbow pads, as well as a helmet.
2. It improves the physical condition of young people.
Inline skates are so attractive for children that they can effectively encourage movement, even of the greatest computer enthusiasts.
In the case of children and adults, roller skating strengthens the circulatory system, oxygenates the body, and all this gives you more energy. In addition, it perfectly strengthens the muscles of the entire body and improves motor coordination.
3. A great way to reduce stress.
Rollerblading is one of the effective ways to relax and reduce the negative effects of stress. After a hard day at school or at work, it's worth going rollerblading. While skating, you will not think about problems, but about the correct driving technique. You can enjoy the company of friends or family who travel with us. This is your moment to relax and unwind and learn new skills.
4. Supports weight loss.
A sedentary lifestyle causes excess pounds to accumulate very quickly. So the most important thing is to find time to move. Rollerblades will help you lose excess calories much faster than traditional aerobic exercises. Just one hour of skating will allow us to burn an average of 600-700 kcal. So if your inline skates are going to help you lose weight, it is best to schedule your skates several times a week for at least 40-50 minutes.
5. Strengthens the muscles
For rollerblading, active work of the thighs, calves, and buttocks is necessary. Thanks to this sport, you will strengthen the endurance of the muscles and also improve your condition. In addition, roller skating teaches how to maintain an upright body posture - this is the result of engaging the abdominal muscles and the back muscles while skating.
As with any sports discipline, do not forget to warm up before you start rollerblading.
You should also remember not to overstrain your body during the initial training and not to go to skating marathons right away.
You should increase the length of training wisely - gradually, allowing the body to get used to more and more effort.
Those who master roller skating can also use them as a means of transport to school or work on sunny days. Then you combine business with pleasure.
These are just a few of the most important advantages of this sport, and there are many more.
So let's dare and try your hand - even if it seems to you that you will not be able to skate even a few meters.

So it only remains to choose the equipment and the necessary accessories.
What equipment to start with?
Beginners are recommended to start learning with recreational inline skates. They offer the greatest skating comfort and are technically easier to control.
Leisure inline skates should be fitted with medium-sized wheels, i.e. between 70mm and 84mm. Such a size will provide adequate maneuverability, and grip and prevent developing too high speeds, which may be dangerous for beginners.

Rubber wheels are recommended, not plastic!
The required equipment for classes is:
Inline skates
Helmet (can be bicycle)
Wrist, elbow, and knee pads
Bottle of water!
We also provide rentals. Please contact us in advance to ensure availability.